• Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden!

When planting for butterflies and to attract butterflies to your garden it is important to plan for all four stages of a butterfly’s life: adult, egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis.

When you spend the time to attract butterflies to your garden, it can be a rewarding experience. Adult butterflies feed on nectar, which is obtained from flowering plants. In due course the adults lay their eggs, which need an unobtrusive leafy or grassy spot. When caterpillars hatch from the eggs, they will need all kinds of plant protein (although some are carnivorous) to prepare for the day when they form a chrysalis, and the whole process begins again.

One group of nectar-producing plants native to Australia is Micromelum minutum, small trees or shrubs of the citrus family Rutaceae. These plants are more commonly known as Lime Berry, Micromelum, Tulibas Tilos, Talafalu and Chememar. Other native Australians are Bursaria spinosa (Sweet Bursaria, Christmas Bush, Blackthorn, Prickly Box), Leptospermum (Teatree), Melaleuca (also referred to as Teatree, but more commonly known as Paperbark, or Honey-Myrtle), Eucalyptus (many varieties), Allocasuarina (She-Oak), Banksia (many varieties), Bossiaea (several varieties), Callistemon (Bottlebrush), Correa (several varieties, including Dusky Bells), Goodenia ovata (Hop Goodenia), Hakea (many varieties, including Pincushion Tree), Pimelea (many varieties, including Alpine Riceflower), Myoporum (Boobialla), Solanum (Kangaroo Apples), Parsonsia (New Zealand jasmine), Viola hederacea (Native Violet), Clematis (many varieties), and Pandorea pandorana (Wonga Vine). Almost all native wildflowers will produce nectar that butterflies find tasty. Local garden centers are excellent resources in this regard.

Non-native nectar-producing plants that have adapted well are Buddleia davidii (Butterfly-Bush, Summer Lilac, Orange Eye), Pentas (several varieties, one called Egyptian Star Flower), and Lantana camara (Big-Sage, Wild-Sage, Red-Sage, White-Sage and Tickberry). Lantana camara can be invasive, so careful consideration is a good idea.

Plants where butterflies like to lay their eggs, and where the hatched caterpillars prefer to dine, are referred to as butterfly host plants. In this case, it is usually best to stick to native varieties, which have stood the test of time. Proven butterfly host plants are Acacia (Wattles, which is also a good nectar plant), Pultenaea (Bush Peas), Scaevola (Purple Fan Flower), Lomandra (Spiny-head Mat-rush or Basket Grass), Poa (several varieties, including Annual Meadow Grass and Tussock Grass), Gahnia (Sawsedge), Carex (Sedge, many varieties), Hardenbergia violacea (Purple Coral Pea, also a nectar plant), and Kennedia prostrata (Running Postman, also an nectar plant). Many native trees host varieties of Mistletoe that are good places for butterfly eggs; this is another instance in which local garden centers are invaluable resources.

One final note: A garden dripping with pesticides and herbicides will neither attract nor sustain butterflies.

Gold Coast Butterflies

Gold Coast Butterflies has a wonderful collection of Butterflies and talks at their Butterfly Education and Conservation Walk-In House. They are open Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 2pm and every day of Qld School Holidays. Entry is only $5.00.

You will be able to also see Gold Coast Butterflies at the Botanical Bazaar, Gold Coast Gardening Expo.



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Dragonfruit live by @tropicalfruitworld 
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  • There is nothing better that brings a ting to your tastebuds then fingerlimes! We grew these ones in #tallebudgera We hear @canungra_creek_fingerlimes from the Gold Coast hinterland have some beauties too. 
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  • Can you guess this seed?!
  • The gardeners at @nerangcommunitygardens, Country Paradise Parklands sure know how to grow a great luffa! First image shows it ready to be peeled. Second image shows it peeled and ready to be used as a body scrubber in the shower.

Harvest the luffa when it is young and the fruit is edible (bitter) in a salad or soup or wait until it is mature, peel it and let it dry to use the fibrous fruit as a body scrubber or surface cleaner.

Luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family. Stacey

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  • Botanical Bazaar presents a free entry POP UP green inspired marketplace showing and selling plants and unique green wares, as well as pre-paid workshops at the @festival2018 & @bleachfestival Coast Acoustics Music Festival 15th April.

Workshops include 'Butterfly Gardening' Workshops for adults and kids hosted by @gcbutterflies plus learn how to 'Prepare Therapeutic Herbal Tea from Plants from your Garden' by @theherbalgardener Workshop. 
Tickets to workshops can be pre-purchased online. Comment if you would like a link to tickets.
Bleach* Festival will bring internationally and nationally touring acts to the Coast Acoustics Festival. 
It’s going to be an amazing family fun day with live music, green goodness, food & music!

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  • Guess who's coming to the Botanical Bazaar this year! @gardeningaustralia
  • We love how easy sweet potato is to grow!

There's orange, white, purple skin white inside and white skin purple inside growing here. Let it grow continually and just 'bandicoot it' (dig up a few as I need them). Unlike watching your above ground veggies grow and become ripe it's always a surprise when you dig up a sweet potato - will you hit the jackpot and find a gigantic one straight away or dig for ages and only find tiny ones? All equally delicious though 🙂

It really is a surprise we aren't walking through sweet potato everywhere we go, it grows so well! Plant it in a specified bed and trim it back when it starts to grow wild if you want to contain it. 🌿Leah
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I was speaking to the creative  Natalia from @broadcroftdesign today about making a sign for the @botanicalbazaar and she asked me about 'Instagram' and how she could get more interest in her business page. So I'm calling all our amazing nature lovers who love to be inspired by crafted botanical art to check out her page! The work Natalia and her hubby do is incredible and worth a follow! 
@broadcroftdesign will be at the BB this year with another great display.
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