• Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival

Thousands turn up for Botanical Bazaar 2017!

What an amazing event we had in 2017! It was a perfect Spring Sunday to celebrate all things nature. Thank you to the thousands of people who attended the Botanical Bazaar, plus our inspiring speakers, our quirky creatives and unique wonderful exhibitors. As written by Nicholas McElroy, Gold Coast Bulletin on September 4, 2017 “GARDENING enthusiasts turned out in spades for the Gold Coast’s biggest gardening exhibition yesterday. More than 5000 people took..... [Read more]

Botanical Bazaar Blooms this Spring!

Botanical Bazaar Blooms this Spring! The Gold Coast’s biggest Gardening Expo, the Botanical Bazaar is back by popular demand and will again be supported by Tropical Fruit World. On Sunday, 3 September, the Botanical Bazaar will be blooming in its new 13-hectare home at the Country Paradise Parklands in Nerang. With celebrity gardens, more than 80 green inspired exhibitors, interactive workshops and kid’s activities, the Bazaar is expected to be a drawcard for th..... [Read more]

Appertiser of Botanical Bazaar

On Saturday 12th August at The Kitchens, Robina Town Shopping Centre, the Botanical Bazaar, supported by Tropical Fruit World will present a sneaky appetiser of what to expect at the Gold Coast Gardening Expo. The appetiser will include free educational delights and botanical beauty, giving you a taste of what to expect at the Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Gardening Expo (officially held Sunday 3rd September at Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang). Here is what to exp..... [Read more]

Gold Coast Kids Go Green

Gold Coast Kids Go Green! WIN A SHARE OF $2,200 IN CASH AND PRIZES PLUS A VISIT FROM COSTA, HOST OF ABC GARDENING AUSTRALIA FOR YOUR GOLD COAST PRIMARY SCHOOL! We are excited to anounce that along with Natura Education and Composta Australia we have launched a competition to encourage Gold Coast Primary School students to think a little greener. We are now on the search for nature loving teachers and parents to be the driving force behind the competition and share ..... [Read more]

World Environment Day 3 Things You Can Do

5th June, 2017 is World Environment Day. World Environment day is recognized as a reminder that today is the day you can make a small change, which will make a big difference! But what exactly do we classify as the environment and what can you do to help it? The Environment The environment is everything in the world the surrounds us and affects life on earth. This includes water cycles, plants, animals, air, food chains and other humans. Research is continuously bei..... [Read more]

4 Ways To “Fake” A Great Garden

4 Ways To Fake A Great Garden Sometimes you don’t have room for a large garden, or you just can’t afford the upkeep. Gardens can be tough to maintain, so when you find a hack that will make your gardening life a bit easier, why not consider them! Here are a few ways you can “fake” a great garden, without too much hassle or cash! Fake It ‘Til You Make It If your backyard is too small or it’s paved, chances are you don’t have much grass around. Grass is ..... [Read more]

See the Flow, Taste the Honey

Have you heard of the Flow Hive? You may have seen one the team members of the Botanical Bazaar post a pic or two on Facebook Botanical Bazaar showing us extracting honey from our own Flow Hive. Check it out > The Flow system is a whole new way of extracting honey from Langstroth-style European honeybee hives. The brood box stays the same and when it comes to taking care of bees, but you still need to know how to look after your bees. We recommend attending a Bee..... [Read more]

Learn how to Make a Glass Jar Garden

You don’t need an outdoor yard or balcony to grow lots of plants. Small house plants can be planted together to make a glass jar garden. This can make for an eye-catching display that needs very little watering or care. To make one of these cuties you need; Small Clay Pallets Large Clear Jar Small Charcoal pieces (or small pebbles/river rocks) Fine compost Long handled Spoon Water Small plants that love humidity Add expandable clay pallets for drainage to t..... [Read more]

New Garden Vegetable Selection in 3 Steps

3 Steps to planning a New Garden When it comes time to start planning your vegetable garden for a new season, or if you are starting a new garden, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you have the best yield. Once you have a garden area planned and know where you want to grow your garden, take some time to notice a few things. How much light will this new garden receive? What other vegetation or trees are growing near by the new garden? And wh..... [Read more]

It’s all about the Soil!

Soil – Your Secret to Success! Growing a vegetable garden is easy, fun, and rewarding. Once you know what you want to grow, and how you want to lay your garden out, you need to focus on the medium you will be using – the soil. Soil, for the most part, is the most important element of your vegetable garden. The right soil will help increase your yield, protect from disease, and provide nutrients to your plants, which in the long run, increases the harvest..... [Read more]



  • Flash back to when we decided to use pineapples for our centrepieces! 🍍
  • Met with the lovely team at @acsdistanceeducation today along with their Director John Mason. John has a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in the horticulture industry and is super passionate about educating youth in horticulture disciplines. I was also lucky to walk away with a few of the books he has written. I already had two at home so got to add these to the collection! Stacey 🌿
  • Picking the first ripe figs for the season! 
They may not grow as abundantly on the Gold Coast as they do down south but they taste so amazing I think it's worth it if you love them and have the room.

Anyone else say "thank you" out loud to their garden for everything they pick? (It's a lot of "thank you"s when picking cherry tomatoes!) - Leah
. .
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  • The colours are ridiculous! They texture is insane! Commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus 🌈 - Stacey .
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  • Kids in the garden 💚
  • One of my plants in the garden at the moment is the Panama Berry. This one was planted in Feb and just started fruiting in December.

Growing and eating different fruits and veggies is great, but I'm often disappointed after trying to grow something for ages and then it doesn't taste as good as I had hoped.

Panama Berry is described as tasting like caramel fairy floss... and it actually does! Best of all it's supposed to fruit for most of the year (not in the coldest months). Makes a pretty shade tree too.

What's your favourite plant in your garden right now? Leah
  • We found a giant Russian sunflower 🌻 growing in a friends garden that was twice the size of Pippa's head! Stacey .
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  • We call her 'Raylean'. Because she is beautiful like a ray of sunshine and doesn't stand straight. She is a stunner. 💃🏻
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  • It's launched! Botanical Bazaar Garden Festival 2018 is on 16th September at Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang.

Thank you to Peter Young Division 5, @cityofgoldcoast for being our major sponsor and supporting the growth of sustainable and green living. 
If you have a green inspired business or social page  and you're  interested to partner with the Gold Coast's Largest Gardening Festival, send us a message. Happy Gardening, stacey

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