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Green Inspired Educational Talks

A full day of educational talks and workshops for all ages will be available at the Botanical Bazaar. Below are the list of speakers on the day.

Claire Bickle

9.20am – The Barn | Creating an Urban Wildlife Haven

1.30pm – The Oval Mudbrick Stand | Medicinal Herbs

Horticulturalist, writer, TV and radio presenter, chicken whisperer, teacher and mum of 3, Claire leads a busy but fruitful life!

Listen to Claire present about how to create an Urban Wildlife Haven and attract Bees, Birds and Butterflies to your backyard. She will also be on hand to answer all your Urban Harvest and Permaculture questions throughout the day plus speak about Medicinal Garden Herbs at at the Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm exhibitor site.

Phil Dudman

10.15am – The Barn & Gardens | Organic Gardening Tips

3.15pm – The Barn | Lazy ways to Improve your Soil

As Chief Horticulture editor for Gardening Australia Magazine,  host of garden radio talk back and multi-award winning writer and presenter, Phil has all the answers to your gardening questions!

Phil will guide you on lazy ways to improve your soil and hints and tips on organic gardening.

Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

10.45am – The Barn | How to Make Your Own Cheese

Valerie is co- owner of Green Living Australia and author of ‘Home Cheese Making in Australia’. The book contains over 40 recipes for cheese, yoghurt and kefir.

Valerie will teach you the simple ways to make handmade, great tasting cheese in your own home. See how you can made delicious ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

Tropical Fruit World

12pm – The Barn | Growing Fruit Trees

Tropical Fruit World will take you on a journey of tropical fruit tasting and provide you valuable teachings about how to grow your own fruit trees suitable for our sub tropical region.

Tropical Fruit World is a great supporter of the Botanical Bazaar and will be at the event all day.

Stuart Anderson, Flow Hive

1.15pm – The Barn | European Beekeeping – The Flow Hive Story

Stuart is co-inventor of the revolutionary honey extraction system, the Flow Hive. An invention which took a lifelong love of bees and a decade of work with his son, Cedar, to create. Stuart will give a personal account of the family’s story that went from invention to global crowdfunding success. He’ll share his European Beekeeping tips and using the Flow Hive. Join in for a question and answer session to have your Flow Hive questions answered as only Stuart can.

Costa Georgiadis

2.15pm – The Barn & Gardens | Community Gardening

3.45pm – Kids Hub | Composting Rocks!

Best known as host of ABC Gardening Australia TV program, Costa has a genuine passion for plants, people and the environment. He nurtures a holistic approach to gardening, embracing it from the soil and the soul.

Costa will share his great knowledge of community gardening and tips on growing your own food, plus chat with kids about composting at the Mr Fothergill’s Kids Hub, hosted by Natura Education in a fun and interactive presentation about green composting.

Lee Fieldman, Biocast+

9.30am – The Oval |Role of Beneficial Microbes in Soil & Plant Growth

Lee is a vermiculturalist and industrial ecologist, the chief worm wrangler . He is the owner of Biocast+ Islands in the Stream Vermiculture and states “There are incredible advantages of simply adding living biology to soil. The role of biology is vital to the availability of minerals to plants.”

His mission is to upcycling through nature, turning waste products into high quality biostimulants to improve soils and promote healthy biological plant growth. Lee will share with you information about the role of beneficial microbes in soil and plant growth at his site on the Oval.

Sarah Hamilton, Bee Yourself Australia

10am – Critter Corner | Native Bee Demo

Sarah is an Australian Native Beekeeper and owner of Bee Yourself Australia.  She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge about these unique stingless native bees so you can learn how to install and maintain a hive of your own.

Alan Singleton, Watersaver Gardens

11am – The Oval | Save Water, Money and Time in Your Garden

Alan is a keen organic gardener and creator of the Toowoomba made Watersaver Gardens. If you would love to grow bountiful veges for the family but have brown thumbs, are too busy or on a budget this information session is for you. Learn about and How to Save Water, Money and Time in your Garden at his site on the Oval. Plus Alan will be giving away TWO Watersaver Gardens during his talk!

Dr Mark Nadir Runkowski, Natura Pacific

12.15pm – The Veranda | GroNATIVE – Choosing Natives for your Backyard

The GroNATIVE app guides users on how to replenish native biodiversity by planting native vegetation. Lear how to use the app to source a tailor-made palette of plants suitable for your property using data from the Queensland Government. Choose your own garden style, colour schemes and more, along with being provided information on growing, flowering times, conservation benefits and stockists for each suggested species.

Joanne Kennard, EasyOven

12.45pm – The Barn Exhibitor Site | Cooking Demo to Save Money & Time

Using produce from the garden, learn how you can make delicious quick and cheap meals such as Lentil Curry from Ethiopia and Dahl Soup from Nepal. Demonstrated by Joanne Kennard, the owner of EasyOven who has released several popular recipe books. See the cooking demonstration from the EasyOven site within the Barn.

Sandra Nanko, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm

1.30pm – The Oval | Medicinal Garden Herbs

Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm is Australia’s largest online seller of Organic Herb Plants with over 400 organically grown herbs. Sandra & husband Michael have been growing herbs for more than 30 years. Come and hear from Sandra Nanko and Claire Bickle sharing their knowldge about Medicinal Garden Herbs at at the Mudbrick Herb exhibitor site on the Oval.