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World Environment Day 3 Things You Can Do

5th June, 2017 is World Environment Day.

World Environment day is recognized as a reminder that today is the day you can make a small change, which will make a big difference!

But what exactly do we classify as the environment and what can you do to help it?

The Environment

The environment is everything in the world the surrounds us and affects life on earth. This includes water cycles, plants, animals, air, food chains and other humans. Research is continuously being conducted to see what environmental affects are due to climate change, pollution, extinction and other destroying elements. The more that is discovered, the more information we have to make change.

The good news is, you can make a difference! It’s exciting to start a change and teach this change to others. Here are 3 more eco-friendly routines you can undertake in your daily living to start making that change happen.

1. Throw Less Stuff Away

  • Use reusable coffee cups, plates, cups, utensils when you have a party or go on a picnic
  • Use reusable bags when you go shopping
  • Declare a war on waste with clothing – shop at Salvo’s, buy less, buy better quality.

2. Reduce Food & Water Waste

  • Food share
  • compost or feed it to the worms & chickens
  • recycle
  • use the leftovers
  • preserve own food and dehydrate food
  • only boil what you need
  • shower don’t bath
  • use grey water and install a water tank for watering

3. Use less Fuel & Drive Less

  • bike ride
  • walk more
  • use public transport
  • car pool
  • Eat Local/Grow your own food to see less long haul travel

These are only a few things that you can start to do, or you may already be doing many of them. What 3 NEW things will you start doing in 2017 to help the environment?



  • Make a statement, ride our Botanical Bike around town! #botanicalbazaar #bike #botanicalart @ezikielcreative
  • Do you have green inspired business? We would love to hear from you! Head over to the link in profile and apply today to be apart of the 2018 Botanical Bazaar. #botanicalbazaar
  • We celebrated 20years of the Gold Coast Organic Growers Group tonight! Thanks to Maria, Paul and her family for starting the group and still leading a fun and informative monthly event. We were also lucky to win some great prizes thanks to garden friends such as @herbcottageau @selfhelpretreat @wollumbingourmetmushrooms @organicgardenermag @crystalcastlebyronbay @islandsinthestreamvermiculture @ground_grocer
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  • 🌈 IT'S A YES! 🌈 .

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  • Guess what this means?! Exhibitors, click link in profile to apply 🌿
  • This cute 🍍 caught our eye! Twins! Not identical of course 😉 We love seeing all the sizes of fruits and veggies big and small, twisted or tall. Do you have one growing at your place? Share it with #botanicalbazaar 
This one was shared from @amilcarsgarden
  • Patiently waiting for its next victim ⚡️ Another incredibly smart plant that captures its nutrients through its open mouth like cup.
  • You can't help but look twice at this fruit. Double TAP if you agree! The Chinese Lantern is such a beautiful fruit as it sheds its skin. It is part of the potato family (weird huh?!) so make sure you wait until it's fully ripe before eating. 
#botanicalbazaar #chineselantern 
#gardeningaustralia #gardening #gardenofeden #instagarden #fruit #growyourownfood #urbangardens 
Photo credits go to @grazynazajac @raulsavu @2axd @stepmikrobe @jiminisnapit @greengablegardens
  • We took home some soil loving Biocast+ from @islandsinthestreamvermiculture who were at the Botanical Bazaar this year and wowza that stuff is explosive 💥 Its goodness traveled throughout the soil, invited all the teeming living microbes to a dirty party and then stayed up partying to ensure our fennel, lettuce, kale, celery and tomatoes become the happiest they'll ever be! Check out their page/website and if you get the chance to grab some, you won't be sorry!

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