• Bleach Festival + Coast Acoustics
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival

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Garden Bar

Kick back in the Garden Bar to the cool tunes of Kenny Slide, Mattie Barker and Mick McHugh.

The over 18 area will be stocked with Burleigh Brewing, sparkling and wine plus Ink Gin cocktails atopped with edible flowers.

The edible flowers are certified organic from Byron Bay Organic Produce


Little Wahaca

A vintage food caravan specialising in Latin American food. Their dishes are all made fresh using regional Peruvian, Argentinian, Mexican and Cuban flavours and techniques with a modern twist. The Little Wahaca Chef hand presses Gorditas and Tacos, makes marinades and salsa, slow cooked meats and ceviche’.

Offering vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options too.


Think asian fried rice, only better!

Wok’nRice ia asian urban food specialising in Fried Rice, Beef and Blackbean Sauce, Char Sui Pork Belly and Honey Soy Chicken Wings.  All served from an old horse trailor converted into an urban Asian food hub.

Brazza BBQ

With a focus on quality, healthy and wholesome food, sourced from the best local premium suppliers, you will love Brazza BBQ! There are Meat, Seafood and Vegetarian options, grilled over Natural Australian Charcoals, giving the food a unique delicious flavour.To accompany the barbecued items they also specialise in Seasonal Superfood Salads.

Paella Magic

A traditional Spanish rice dish cooked in the famous big flat pans over a gas burner. The flavour of the rice is built up on a base of tomato, onion and garlic, to which is added a mixture of herbs and spices, stock, veggies, meat and the magical ingredient Spanish paprika. Paella Magic will be serving their most popular dishes,  a Chicken & Chorizo Paella and Vegetarian Paella

Conscious Kitchen

Offering a variety of delicious quiches and wraps, gluten free (GF) vegan pumpkin soup and GF beef nachos. All wraps can be offered as a salad to make it GF. GF chocolate cake, GF Vegan Sago, homemade lemon mint lemonade, Parker organic juices, water and soft drinks.

All food is hand made and free of nasties and deep fried oils.

Gunter’s Flammkuchen

The “Flammkuchen”, similar to a pizza is cooked in a wood fired oven on site. Flammkuchen is the German translation of the French “tarte flambé”, where this yummy dish originates.

All ingredients are sourced locally from organic farms or suppliers.

The Spudhouse

The Spudhouse team make deliciously hot, freshly baked potatoes with various toppings, including vegetarian and vegan options.
A few of their options include Chipotle pulled pork, with homemade slaw | Buffalo pulled chicken with sauerkraut, sour cream and spring onion | Sweet corn and black bean salsa with lime and corriander topped with guacamole.

Churros de Oro

A local to nerang, Churros de Oro sell delicious King Size Churros amongst a range of other sweet Churro delights, including Oreo style and a selection of Dipping Sauces.

Perfectly matched with a hot coffee from Coffee Australia.

Coffee Australia

Coffee Australia is based in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales one of the heartlands of coffee growing in this country. They have developed a small range of local estate coffees as well as blends of local international coffees. All expertly roasted in small batch orders and packed in the best coffee storage bags to ensure quality and freshness.

Yummi Fruit Ice-creamery

Yummi Fruit Ice-Creamery specialises in delicious real fruit ice-cream, made by blending real fruit with creamy vanilla ice-cream. They also have a range of vegan, dairy and gluten free, low sugar and no sugar options available. Also providing milkshakes, fruitshakes (smoothies) and fruit frappes (dairy free).

Aussie Gourmet Treats

Original Vienna style Macadamia and Almonds, honey roasted on demand, caramel salted, roasted salted, spicy Moroccans, as well as fresh natural. Natural farm direct. All dry roasted on the premises. Healthy snack using premium 100% Australian nuts.