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Biochar Project

A mountain of excitement at this year’s Biochar stand, where charmaster Dolph Cooke will entertain you for hours about topics that are near and dear to his heart.

1.    How to supercharge your garden with biochar and the correct way to condition it for your soils needs
2.    How to make biochar with the stumpy biochar tlud. Through story telling and live demonstrations you will really learn everything you need to know about biochar making.
3.    How to understand what minerals you need for your garden. Step by step easy instructions
4.    Teach you about his all new Organic Input range. A fantastic arsenal for all your organic garden needs.
5.    Tell you all about the latest finding from his legal and authorised medicinal Cannabis trials.
6.    Explain Medicinal Cannabis and the NSW licence process.

Find out more from www.biocharproject.org