• Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival

CutAbove Tools

CutAbove Tools is a family owned and run business which commenced operations in April 2010 after purchasing a similar business. We are supplier of quality pruning, gardening and cleaning equipment. Our range includes Secateurs, Loppers, Shears, High Reach Pruning and Cleaning equipment for domestic and trade markets.

Within our range we carry a number of secateurs, loppers and shears which are designed to enable gardeners with reduced ability to continue with their gardening passion. Our ratchet secateurs and loppers require 30% less strength to prune branches and our gear action loppers and shears use around 12% less energy to prune and shape shrubs.

We carry 5 and 6mt long-reach pruning poles which can be fitted with either a saw or a ratchet pruner and are ideal for gardeners wanting to prune taller trees.

We have a full range of demonstration tools which allow our customers to try before they buy. For most gardeners purchasing tools such as a pair of secateurs or loppers is a very individual thing and it is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. Being about to test our demonstration tools our customers can be certain of buying the right tool for the job.

We offer a two year warranty on the pruning and gardening tools and spares are carried for most of the products. Sustainability is key to our business, which is beneficial to the environment and affordable for customers.

Your local distributors Norma and Ernie Ensor are contactable on 07 3200 0967 or 0409 273 411