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Fantastic for Sports Games, Picnic’s, Get-togethers and Travelling, the awesome EasyOven™ can be used all year round.

EasyOven™ is a non-electric, portable, lightweight, fabric, thermal heat retention cooker . Simply put, it’s a slow cooker made of fabric!

EasyOven™ is a nifty heat-retention device that saves energy and seals in the flavour and nutrition. It’s clever insulating properties allow food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking without the use of additional energy.

Reducing fuel usage by 80% – 90% EasyOven™ saves money and time. Lightweight (only 230 grams) and portable, it can be taken to picnics, get-togethers, at home or even watching your favourite team on the sporting field!

Being a lifestyle product, the EasyOven™ is highly relevant for the times we live in today as it is Environmentally, Financially, Socially and Culturally responsible. It also plays a part in safeguarding the Earth’s biodiversity

People from all walks of life have used EasyOven™ to cook meals in many different climatic conditions from the scorching heat to the snow! One thing is for certain – they all love it!