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STAR8 Australia

STAR 8 AUSTRALIA  is an innovative technology company, continuously introducing new green technology products and applications. We are a global leader in innovative and functional solar. As pioneers in the application of green technology and a holder of innovation patents, we strive to offer practical, green solutions that benefit people in daily life. It just makes sense!

The Star8 Solar Light integrates a solar panel, LED lamp and the Li-Fe battery into a single product. With its low energy, long life and high luminance maintenance free features, the Star8 Solar Light is a winning combination.

The Star8 Solar Light is perfect for residential or commercial use. They are suitable for housing developments and long roadways. The lights use solar cells to converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the Li-Fe battery via the controller.

The Li-Fe battery ensures available power for up to 3days, without recharging.

Choose Star8 for great solar lights and discover an amazing way to illuminate lives while saving precious energy. Solar power for lights.

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