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Tea Therapy

Tea Therapy is a boutique store for teas, herbs and teaware. They stock a broad selection of pre packaged teas and herbs from the classics to the gourmet and specialise in designing their own custom blends with therapeutic benefits that taste great.

Why Tea Therapy? Well, as nanna used to say…”because sometimes a good cuppa is the best therapy…”
Whether you are looking for a beverage to kick start your day, unwind for the night, boost your health or tantalise your tastebuds you are sure to find something you’ll love at Tea Therapy.

Visit them at the Botanical Bazaar or afterwards at Mudgeeraba Village, and take the time to sample any one of the 100 different teas that take your fancy.

Tea Therapy specialises in teas and tisanes that are blended specifically for therapeutic benefits whilst still tasting great. Their staff are knowledgeable on the therapeutic aspect of teas and herbs and can help you pick the right one for you.