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Watersaver Gardens

Enjoy the health benefits of organic, fresh herbs and vegetables, chemical-free. Watersaver Gardens Wicking Beds are the ultimate way to save water and garden with ease.

Our Wicking Bed Garden Kits are easy to assemble, made from durable colorbond and come in a choice of colours. We can also custom build for you.

Sustainable gardening helps protect our environment & our self-watering
gardens use at least 50% less water!

Watersaver Gardens are so easy to maintain because of the wicking system: plants take up water as is needed, so this way no plant is ever over-watered or not watered enough. The topsoil of the garden also remains dry (unless it rains) so weeds have little to no chance for germination. All of the work is left up to the plants instead of you!

For more info: www.watersavergardens.com.au or phone Alan on 0424996540.