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How to Make Compost -3 easy steps!

How to make compost in 3 easy steps

It’s a great way to save money and recycle green waste from your kitchen around the garden. When you make compost, it is easy and has many benefits to your garden.

By adding compost to your garden throughout the growing season, you are supplying your garden with the much needed nutrients they require. When you make compost, it is also much heavier than typical potting soil or topsoil and can be used as a great insulator during the winter to protect your plants from the cold and in the summer to help your plants retain moisture near their roots.

The process to make compost is simple.

Step 1. Choose your compost collection container

Some containers on the market are rotating barrels, or silos where you simply add the contents you will be using to make compost with through the top. You can also create a pile in your yard or create a small boxed off area to hold everything together if you are composting on a larger scale.

Step 2. Add materials to your container

Once you have a container or area to work with, it is time to add materials to your compost to create a rich, nutrient rich soil that you can use in your garden later. For best results, use a mix of materials. Use a mixture of;

  • vegetable scraps,
  • grass clippings,
  • garden waste,
  • shredded newspaper,
  • wood chips and
  • dried leaves

All make for perfect materials to make compost.

It is important to have a good mix of materials so that you can create layers within your compost that capture moisture and help bacteria grow to break down the contents.

Avoid food scraps like meat, eggs, and fish should be avoided because they can attract pests and generally have an unpleasant smell.

Step 3. Rotate your compost on a weekly basis

Constantly rotating your compost will ensure that the contents are evenly mixed. It is also important to ensure that your compost does not become too dry in hotter months. If your compost dries out, or sits too long without being rotated, bacteria has a very hard time growing and it will be much harder for your compost to break down. If this happens, consider adding water for moisture and to create some humidity to the compost pile.

Once your compost is ready, simply spread it in your garden, and start over with new materials for another batch or nutrient rich compost.

make compostComposta Australia have made a genius indoor composta. You can throw your kitchen scrapes into this composta and grow herbs or veggies at the same time. Composta Australia will be exhibiting at the Botanical Bazaar September 3, 2017. Make sure you come along and check out this fantastic Australia designed invention.


Happy composting!



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