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Learn how to Make a Glass Jar Garden

You don’t need an outdoor yard or balcony to grow lots of plants. Small house plants can be planted together to make a glass jar garden. This can make for an eye-catching display that needs very little watering or care.

To make one of these cuties you need;

  • Small Clay Pallets
  • Large Clear Jar
  • Small Charcoal pieces (or small pebbles/river rocks)
  • Fine compost
  • Long handled Spoon
  • Water
  • Small plants that love humidity
  1. Add expandable clay pallets for drainage to the inside of a glass jar garden. You can use a recycled glass, just make sure it has been cleaned sufficiently to avoid any fungus to grow,
  1. Add a thin layer of charcoal over the pallets to help reduce the composting clay smell and keep the habitat fresh,
  1. Fill a quarter of the glass jar garden with fine compost. Why not make your own compost!
  1. Push down the compost with your fingers or a spoon to firm up the soil,
  1. Make small planting holes in the compost and lower the plants into position then push the compost around the root balls of the plant with the spoon,
  1. When you have finished planting drop in some more clay pallets to fill any holes,
  1. Pour water gently into the glass jar garden until the compost is thoroughly wet,

Tip: If you leave the jar open you will need to water the compost regularly but if you close the lid the humidity inside the jar should self-water the plants. If you are choosing to place a lid on the jar garden, it is important to choose plants that thrive in a high humidity environment and enjoy natural/indirect indoor light. If you use to leave the lid off, there is more a vaierty of plants that will be suitable for the glass jar garden.

With a little love and care you should have plenty of years with your new glass jar garden. Enjoy the beauty!





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