• Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival
  • Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Garden Festival

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Event Supporters

The Botanical Bazaar would not be able to bring you such an enjoyable, green inspired day with out the support from some amazing businesses.

Tropical Fruit World

Tropical Fruit World has been the main event support from launch in 2015. Located just 5 minutes from the Southern Queensland border, you can journey beyond their farm gates to tour the orchards and discover nature’s delicious, healthy harvest. You’ll see, taste and learn about tropical fruit from around the world grown.

Natura Education

The Natura Education team are real-life scientists and teachers who deliver nature-based and interactive lessons to early learning centres, primary schools and high schools, along with regular and ongoing involvement in community outreach programs. By involving students and community members using the ‘real world’ environmental science techniques we engage and inspire, and allow for fun and learning to go hand in hand. Natura Education has over 10 years of experience in teaching children and adults of all ages about the wonders of our natural world. Our dynamic and hand-picked team are award winning teachers and environmental scientists with specialised knowledge and the ability to engage their audience in a fun and informative way.

Mr Fothergill’s Seeds and Bulbs

Offering the Widest range of packet seeds to inspire the home gardener, their seeds are sourced from reputable suppliers both in Australia and overseas who adhere to Mr. Fothergill’s quality and performance benchmarks. No questions asked guarantee – if it doesn’t grow for whatever reason, they will replace it. Their products are trialled in Australia prior to release to guarantee suitability to our tough climate. Whether it’s their seeds, bulbs or gifting range, there is something for all gardeners skill levels and interests.

Back-Roads Touring

Experts in small group tours of the UK & Europe. Tours specifically designed to visit spectacular gardens and garden events through out the world. You can be confident that your tour is run responsibly and with sustainable tourism in mind. Their commitment to green practises has earnt them a Silver Green Tourism rating.


94.1FM is a Gold Coast Community Radio Station offering a music format catering for today’s “up and at it” over 40’s generation. With new music and valued memories by original artist and also many of today’s new performers. The station also offers LIVE up to date reports for Boating, Surfing and Traffic during Breakfast and Drive.

Currumbin RSL

The Currumbin RSL Group is committed to continually finding ways in which it can reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. It is committed to providing positive social opportunities, supporting its community. Just some of their green initaitives include; crushing 3500 bottles per week, which is equivalent to reducing 36 sulo bins of bottles down to just 6, therefore saving on storage area, transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Home to three 30,000 litre water tanks which the Club uses to clean surfaces, for general irrigation and garden watering and also to flush toilets. Their Bio Bin takes 100% of their organic waste material from food outlets and turns it into compost. Plus host to two native bee hives and one Flowhive on site.

Thanks also goes to:
Redlands Fresh Flowers for supplying the flowers used by Julia-Rose in the Botanical Art displays.

Byron Bay Organic Produce for supplying edible flowers for use in the Garden Bar cocktails!

Burliegh Brewing & Ink Gin for showing support to make the best Garden Bar on the Gold Coast!