The Baumr-AG Lawn Mower Review - An Overview

Are you searching for the best lawn mower? Then this review of the  Baumr-AG lawn mower review should help with your overall decision.

Today we go deep into this brand to help you figure out if it’s the right choice for you. Now you can take care of your lawn with the best tools!

  • Baumr-ag is an Aussie company that makes lawn mowers and other garden power tools
  • They specialize in smaller but powerful mowers meant for smaller city lots
  • Their petrol self-propelled mowers are a good deal, but they don’t offer ride-on options

Baumr-ag is an Aussie company that makes lawn mowers and other garden power tools

They specialize in smaller but powerful mowers meant for smaller city lots

Their petrol self-propelled mowers are a good deal, but they don’t offer ride-on options

Baumr-AG Lawn Mowers Review

Baumr-AG Lawn Mowers Review

Engine & Components


Features & Ease of Use

Warranty, Maintenance & Durability


Engine & Components 4/5

Like with other brands, Baumr-AG lawn mower components vary according to the model. They offer entry-level mowers using mostly plastic components, while the medium-range and high-end products use steel, aluminium and 4-stroke engines.

However, Baumr-AG tends to use high-quality engines across the board, even in their entry-level range. In general, this brand uses 4-stroke engines. According to the experts at Small Engine Warehouse:

PRO TIP: "A two-stroke engine is an engine that does not have valves, or a specified lubrication system […while…] a 4-Stroke engine is the kind of engine that is common on lawn mowers [… where…] the oil is contained in the crankcase, and there is usually a splash lubrication system where the oil is released" - Small Engine Warehouse [1]

As such, 4-stroke engines wear out much slower than others, and can handle heavy use without suffering. On the other hand, 4-stroke engines use fuel more efficiently and are quieter than others. In general, look for lawn mowers with 4-stroke engines to ensure a smooth mowing.

Entry-level Baumr-AG models have smaller engines ranging from around 135cc up to 160cc. However, you can also find more powerful engines of up to 220cc that will work better in larger spaces.

This brand only uses overhead valves that, in contrast to traditional side-valve engines, have the cam and valves in the cylinder head just like with cars. According to popular mechanics magazine:

PRO TIP: "You pay more for an overhead-valve engine, but in return you get better fuel consumption, reduced emissions, less vibration, and quieter mowing." – Popular Mechanics [2]

This is true for Baumr-AG lawn mowers, as many clients mention they are slightly quieter than other models. Finally, the handles in this brand are made from lightweight aluminium so as not to add weight to the ensemble.

Overall, we think you can find some great materials with high-quality finishes. Of course, you’ll have to read the specs carefully to make sure you’re getting the best materials for your needs.

Size 4/5

Most Baumr-AG lawn mowers are on the smaller side of average. While a typical lawn mower has a deck from 18 to 22 inches, this brand offers some models up to 16-inches wide. For larger spaces this isn’t practical, but Baumr-AG targets smaller city lots that would rather have a smaller lawn mower and don’t have a lot of lawn to cut.

The smaller deck size also makes it easier to store, although these are still relatively large machines and you’ll need proper storage space to keep them away from harsh weather.

On the other hand, some models also have foldable handles, which greatly reduce the mower’s profile while stored. Keep in mind the foldable handles are only available in certain models, so make sure to look for it specifically if that interests you.

Finally, this brand only offers push mowers, so if you have a bigger lot or want the ease of a ride-on mower, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Since it does offer smaller sizes, often needed in contemporary city lots, we’re giving this brand 4 out of 5 stars.

Features & Ease of Use 3/5

This brand focuses on making city-lot mowers, perfect for smaller spaces without a lot of lawn. Because of that, most models offer some key features adapted to those needs:

  • Self-propelled features: some Baumr-AG lawn mowers are self-propelled, meaning the engine moves the wheels forward while also rotating the blades to cut the grass. This makes it easier to mow, since you’re essentially just guiding the machine over the spots you’d like to cut.
  • Push button start: this feature is only available in certain models, but it’s always nice to see it at this price point. The push start makes it easier to start the mower, even if you have limited mobility.
  • Weight: Baumr-AG lawn mowers are relatively lightweight, particularly the electric options. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re feather-light, since most models weigh 20kg to 30kg. in spite of this, they’re still significantly lighter than other brands, with average mowers weighing up to 45 kg. of course, the self-propelled mechanism makes those models heavier.
  • Larger rear wheel: while not all of Baumr-AG mowers have this, it’s an essential if you’re mowing a hilly backyard or have some irregularities. The larger rear wheel gives more traction to the mower, keeping you from having to push it around on your own. All of Baumr-AG higher-end models have a larger rear wheel, but some of the entry-level ones don’t. Have a look at your yard and check if you’ll be dealing with irregular terrain, so you make sure to get the right model for your needs.
  • Smaller deck size: most of this brand’s models tend to have an average to small deck, usually ranging from 16 to 22 inches. The slightly smaller size makes it easier to mow tight spaces like corners close to the house or by a fence, while also making curves more manageable. However, if you need to mow larger spaces, a bigger deck -and blades- will save you time and a couple turns around the yard.
  • Foldability: some of their models’ handles can be folded to save space when not in use. This is a very valuable feature, especially in households where storage space is at a prime. However, we’re not thrilled only the medium to high-end models have this, especially given those items tend to have larger deck sizes. It would be better if the smaller lawn mowers, used in smaller lots, had the possibility to be folded.
  • Easier oil checks: while this feature is available in the latest models, this brand does offer an oil-measurement tool to make sure everything inside the engine is at the level it should be. This makes it easier to keep on top of maintenance, without having to take it to a shop every time.

While we appreciate the ease of use, particularly for smaller yards, we’d like to see foldable handles, push button start and self-propelled tech in more models. Because of it, we’re taking off 2 stars.

Warranty, maintenance & durability 2/5

This is one of the weakest categories for this brand. For starters, they don’t offer a warranty on their own, but rather it depends on the retailer you buy yours from. Some owners complain about maintenance, since the guarantee only covers certified shops and you might not have one close by.

When it comes to repairs, many customers claim finding spare parts can be difficult. Plus, sometimes be expensive in relation to the original cost of the mower. Baumr-AG has limited official retailers in the country, and it might take them some time to send you the part you need. Take into account older models are harder to find spares for, so owners have to go into local mower shops and find a compatible part from another brand. However, most of the parts aren’t standard so you it might be difficult to find compatible spares.

In spite of these difficulties, you shouldn’t have to take your mower to the repair shop often. This is especially true if you choose one of the models with stronger components, such as those with a steel deck. You should also pick the right model for your needs: don’t go for smaller, weaker models if you have a medium to large yard because you’ll overuse the mower.

Of course, whatever your situation is you’ll have to treat the lawn mower carefully, but many homeowners report having no issues with it after 3+ years of use.

Price 4/5

Lawn mowers can be very expensive, especially if you go for established brands. Baumr-AG carries both entry-level and medium-range mowers, with reasonable quality and variety. Overall, this brand’s price is reasonable and will fit most budgets, especially if you don’t intend on using your mower too much or to cut large expanses of lawn.

Of course, the quality depends on the price, so if you have to use your mower more often, look out for the models with a steel deck and powerful engines, rather than the smaller products intended for city lots. Taking care of your mower is essential to keep it working correctly, especially since this brand’s spare parts tend to be on the expensive side and can be difficult to source. If you treat it lightly, you can save yourself the hassle of a repair

We consider Baumr-AG offers a nice balance between price and quality, but we don’t like the relatively high price tag in some essential spare parts. Because of that, we’re taking off 1 star.

Our Top Choices from This Brand

Baumr-AG 660ex 16" 4-Stroke Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Today’s article wouldn’t be complete without a Baumr-AG 660ex 4 stroke self-propelled lawn mower review. This is one of the most popular models from this brand due to its small size and affordable price, perfect for city lots.


  • 139cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine
  • 16" PVC deck
  • Petrol push mower
  • Recoil/ pull start
  • Self-propelled functionality

Overall, this is a reasonable option for homeowners with small yards and not a lot of lawn to mow. The engine is good enough for the job, but the PVC deck can crack easily if it isn’t handled with care. The engine is powerful enough to cut through tall grass with ease and according to several customers, it’s not as noisy as other mowers.

However, keep in mind the front and rear wheels are the same size so it might be hard to manoeuvre if your lawn is very irregular or you need to mow hills. On the other hand, adjusting the height can be a hassle, since you need to take out the wheels in order to do so. This shouldn’t be an issue if you tend to cut your lawn the same height, but beware if you need to change the height constantly.

Baumr-AG 700sx

This entry-level self-propelled mower is better-suited for small lawns and has some great features, but reviews are mixed when it comes to ease of use. Here’s what you should know about it:


  • Petrol push mower
  • Recoil/ pull start
  • 16" Steel deck
  • 139 cc, 4-stroke engine
  • Self-propelled functionality
  • 7 height settings

The Baumr-AG 700sx is a medium-range lawn mower with self-propelled design and a sturdy steel deck. Its relatively small size (with a 16" deck) makes it a great option for today’s smaller yards that don’t need commercial-type mowers. This model also has slightly larger rear wheels, making it easier to push around even if your lawn is bumpy.

In general, this is a powerful lawn mower that will fit most homeowner’s needs. However, customers complain about the self-propelled feature working improperly and being difficult to adjust. This usually isn’t a problem, unless you have a hard time walking fast to manoeuvre the mower, or you’d like young teens to help out with the lawn.

Overall, this is a good option if you’re looking for a sensible mower for a small yard.

Don’t Buy If…

This brand is great for many households, but you might want to look elsewhere if you:

  • You have a large property: push lawn mowers like the ones offered by Baumr-AG are designed for smaller spaces, because they’re easier for clipping tight corners but require more effort to push around. This is fine if you’re only mowing a small-to-medium-sized lawn. However, if you want to mow a space that’s 1,000 square feet or larger, it’s better if you look at a ride-on mower.
  • Want an electric or ride-on mower: this brand has limited options when it comes to electric push lawn mowers. In fact, they only carry 1 electric model, with mixed reviews in regards to their quality. When it comes to ride-on mowers, they simply don’t offer any option at all, so you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Want to cut your lawn higher than 3 inches, 75 mm, or 7.5 cm: while many people prefer shorter lawns for aesthetic reasons, the higher you cut your lawn, the healthier it will look and feel [3]. Plus, higher lawns need less water to stay green. Most lawn mowers, including this brand, have a maximum height setting of 75 mm. This falls in line with how most people mow their lawn, but it barely reaches the ideal 3 inches meant for healthier, water-efficient grass. If you want to trim your lawn longer than that, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a nice option for homeowners with small to medium-sized yards, or those that only mow occasionally and want a versatile push lawn mower. In general, Baumr-AG strikes a good balance between price and quality, especially in their medium-range series. Of course, like with any other big purchase, compare prices and materials, particularly if you need to maintain a larger lawn.

Keep in mind spare parts can be difficult to source, so if you tend to go rough on your machinery, you might want to consider more run-of-the-mill brands with standard parts.

Want to learn more about lawn mower brands? Check out our below reviews:

  1. The Difference between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engines. Small Engine Warehouse.
  2. Your Guide to Buying a Walk Lawnmower. Popular mechanics.
  3. How High Should Grass Be Cut? The Spruce.


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