The Best Battery Lawn Mower Australia - The Review

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~ Far & Away The Best Option ~

GreenWorks MO40B00 MO40L410 Lawn Mower
  • 40V battery
  • 48 cm cutting width 
  • 7 adjustable heights
  • Extremely lightweight at 24kg
  • Super fast battery charge speed and long run time
  • Built to outlast other battery mowers

Are you looking for the best lawn mower but tired of the noise and fumes of petrol options? Are you looking for an easier and cleaner alternative? You’re not alone. 

Thousands of Australians are ditching traditional mowers for battery-powered alternatives. They offer cordless freedom, easy operation and emission-free mowing.

Let’s take a look at how they work, what they offer and which you should choose for your lawn.  

How Do Battery Lawn Mowers Work?

Basically, battery-powered mowers are a type of electric lawn mower. Instead of plugging in a cord, you use a battery. These can be made from lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium. The latter is cheaper, but its runtime is short, which is why most battery mowers today use lithium-ion.

Like the best petrol mowers, battery lawn mowers have a rotary cutting mechanism, height adjustments, easy-start buttons and grass catchers. Some high-end models even offer self-propulsion mowing and mulching options. But there are two drawbacks to battery mowers.

The first is cutting time. Most batteries only last 30 to 60 minutes, which means you can only use them for small to medium lawns before they run out of charge. The second is power. While they do a great job at trimming, most don’t have the power to tame an unruly lawn like a petrol mower can.

But if you keep your lawn tidy or you’ve got a small garden, this might not be an issue. Most Australians live in medium- to high-density suburbs with small backyards, and according to Dr Tony Mathews, an urban and environmental planner at Griffith University, gardens are not the priority they used to be:

‘People are busier and don’t have two hours to cut the lawn or plant up beds like they might have in the past, while children are still active, but that activity is now more structured, like sports training, so they use gardens less.’ [1]

As a result, we have less space, less time and less money, and we’re looking for climate-friendly alternatives, so cordless mowers have become perfect for our changing lifestyles.

Why Should I Choose a Battery Lawn Mower?

It doesn’t matter if you live in an urban or regional centre, battery lawn mowers are growing in popularity and they offer a clean and easy alternative to petrol mowers. This cordless lawn mower review will highlight six reasons why you should buy a cordless lawn mower right now.


Battery mowers don’t have engines, so some of the lightest models can weigh 12 kg. That’s about the size of a medium dog! But petrol mowers can be twice this weight, and if you’re older or don’t have full mobility, they can be hard to push or get in and out of the garage. A zippy battery model, on the other hand, can be lifted and pushed with ease. In fact, it might even speed up your mowing time!


Because there’s no fuel to combust, battery powered lawn mowers are relatively quiet. Not only can your neighbours get precious sleep on a Saturday morning, but you won’t lose your hearing. Most petrol lawn mowers produce about 90 decibels of sound, while battery mowers average about 75 decibels. According to Safe Work Australia, any sound over 85 decibels poses a health risk after long exposure [2]. 

In fact, the safe limit for 91 decibels is two hours, which is why professional and domestic gardeners often wear earmuffs. But battery mowers are well below this limit. They make low to medium noise, so you don’t have to worry about noise pollution – particularly if you live close to others or you have a family. 


Putting fuel in your petrol mower can be messy. It can spill on your clothes or leak onto the grass. Then there’s the odour of the petrol as it burns, not to mention the ongoing expenses of refilling the tank, cleaning air filters and replacing your spark plugs. With battery operated mowers, all you have to do is charge the batteries and you’re good to go. Maintenance couldn’t be simpler!


Unlike corded electric mowers, which can be cumbersome and risky, battery-powered mowers allow you the freedom of mowing your lawn without an extension cord or power points. You may need to recharge from time to time if you have a big yard, but at least you have the flexibility of a petrol mower without the messy inconvenience.

No Emissions

Non-road engines, such as petrol lawn mowers, can contribute up to 5 per cent of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions and up to 6 per cent of volatile organic hydrocarbon (VOC) emissions [3]. Battery mowers, on the other hand, produce zero exhaust emissions. And the only energy consumption is the household power supply you use to charge them. As a result, they’re a clean choice if you want to minimise your impact on the environment. It also means that you don’t have to wear a mask or keep your children away from the petrol fumes.

Easy to Store

As cordless mowers don’t have engines, they’re light, compact and easy to store. Many have foldable or vertical storage features that make them easy to fit into small sheds or garages.

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers in Australia Reviewed

Now that we’ve reviewed the benefits, here is a list of Australia’s best battery lawn mowers.

GreenWorks MO40B00 MO40L410 Lawn Mower
  • 40V battery
  • 48cm cutting width
  • 7 height levels
  • Extremely lightweight at 24kg
  • Super fast battery charge speed and long run time
  • Built to outlast other battery mowers

Easily the best overall mower in our list, this is the next best thing. The option boasts a 40V battery system that's perfectly balanced between power and efficiency, a large 48cm cutting width and seven adjustable heights, giving you fast and flexible mowing. Its large front and back wheels also allow for easy movement, and they won’t struggle with rough or sloping terrain.

As for ease of use, it’s as is simple as pressing the start button, and its compact size means that it can be folded away for easy storage. It also comes with a 3 in 1 mulching function, which offers you the option of fertilising your lawn while you mow. No need to empty the grass box!

The other kicker is the 60-minutes runtime and fast recharge – only 60 minutes to charge the 2Ah battery and 120 minutes to charge the 4Ah battery. This is faster than most and makes mowing less disruptive. And the best part?

You get a 3-year warranty on tools and parts, not to mention the flexibility of using the battery and charger with other Greenworks tools. This is a great investment for gardeners who want all the power and versatility of a petrol mower without the hassle and fumes.

What we liked: 

  • Large wheels for easy handling
  • Runtime of 60 mins
  • 3-year warranty for tools and battery
  • 3 in 1 bag, mulch, discharge function
  • Quick charge at 60 mins

What we didn't like: 

  • May not catch all blades of grass
  • Heavier than most battery mowers

Ryobi One+ 18V 4.0Ah 36cm Lawn Mower Kit
  • 18V battery
  • 36cm cutting length
  • 14 kg
  • 5 height levels
  • Foldable handle

This is a quiet and reliable mower that’ll keep your lawn neat and tidy all year round. It provides five height levels for flexible mowing, EasyEdge feature to cut close to wall and fences, and foldable handles for quick storage. It’s easy to push at 14 kg and provides a professional cut every time. Some lawn mower reviews even reported that it was quieter than most electric mowers, which is always a boon!

The only negative would have to be the 30 minutes of running time. It’s shorter than other battery-powered mowers and may only suit small gardens. But it makes up for this by having a battery and charger that are compatible with more than 100 indoor and outdoor tools.

This could save you time, space and thousands of dollars. And unlike other electric or petrol-driven mowers, this battery mower provides a six-year warranty for tools and a three-year warranty for battery and charger replacement. That makes it the best warranty deal on our list!

What we liked: 

  • Lightweight (14 kg)
  • Low noise
  • Emission-free
  • 6-year warranty for tools and 3-year warranty for battery and charger

What we didn't like: 

  • 30 mins runtime
  • 2-hour charge time
  • No discharge or mulcher

Snapper XD 82V MAX StepSense Electric Cordless 21-Inch Lawnmower Kit
  • 82V battery
  • 53 cm cutting width
  • 32 kg
  • 7 adjustable heights

If you want top-of-the-line style, power and flexibility, the Snapper XD 82V delivers in spades. First, it’s got a cutting width of 53 cm – the largest we’ve seen– which should cut your lawn a whole lot faster, and seven adjustable heights to suit any grass type or length.

And while most battery mowers struggle with tough or long grass, this machine has dual battery power and StepSense Automatic Drive System that’ll slice through any lawn without needing to be pushed. To help it along, it also has intelligent load sensing technology that increases power when necessary.

This mower comes with two batteries that bring a total of 82V: one provides up to 45–60 minutes of mowing time (depending on whether you use StepSense), and then another that gives you extra running time. This means you can mow for 90–120 minutes without recharging, which is one of the best running times we’ve seen!

Combine that with 3 in 1 mulching and a 5-year warranty and you’ve got a mower that leaves the others for dead. There’s only one caveat: it’ll leave a small dent in your bank account. But if you’re a climate-conscious gardener looking for a powerful mower that’ll go the distance, this is the one.

What we liked: 

  • StepSense – self-propelled
  • 3 in 1 mulching feature
  • 5-year warranty
  • Solid construction
  • Up to 2 hours of runtime

What we didn't like: 

  • StepSense uses up the battery faster
  • Can be difficult to reverse in StepSense
  • Batteries are expensive if bought separately

Swift 40V Brushless Cordless Lawnmower
  • 40V battery
  • 38 cm cutting width
  • 5 height levels
  • Lightweight (13 kg)

This mower gives you all features of a battery model without breaking the bank. With its simple key start, lightweight design and foldable frame, it’s a cinch to use and store. There’s a child safety lock to protect prying fingers from harm, and five cutting heights for flexibility. It even comes with a mulch plug (often an optional extra with other mowers) that stops the cuttings from being stored. Instead, they’re finely chopped and blown into the soil to fertilise your lawn.

The only issue with this battery mower is the running time: it clocks about 25 minutes. Swift claims that it can cover a full tennis court, but it could be less if the grass is long or the slope is steep. Charge time is also four hours, which is quite long, but not surprising at this price point. However, there’s a dynamic charger you can buy from Swift that can get the job done in less than half the time, so it’s worth looking into it.

Apart from this shortfall, the mower comes with a 2-year guarantee, making it an attractive option for gardeners who want a reliable cordless mower at a fraction of the price.

What we liked: 

  • Mulching blade
  • Child safety lock
  • Foldable
  • 40L grass box
  • 2-year warranty on parts, 1-years warranty on battery

What we didn't like: 

  • No foam grip on handles
  • Grass box can be hard to assemble
  • 25-minute runtime

#5: Best Value for Money: Giantz Cordless Electric Mower

Giantz Cordless Electric Mower
  • 40-volt battery
  • 34cm cutting width
  • 6 height levels
  • Lightweight (12.5 kg)

If you want an entry-level battery mower that’s big on features but low on price, Giantz fits the bill. It has a child-proof start button that makes it safe to use, and fully adjustable handles that allow for easy handling. Its 34cm cutting width and six height adjustments provide swift and flexible cutting, and you have the option of the 30L grass box or rear discharge to mulch your lawn.

The mower comes with two 20-volt batteries and a charger – and there’s even a battery-life indicator so you know how long you’ve got left. Charging takes an hour, which is shorter than other battery mowers.

At this size, the Giantz Cordless Electric Mower is best for owners of small gardens who want great results without the noise or fumes. One thing to look out for is clumping around the blades, which can stop the motor. This usually happens if you mow too quickly or the lawn is overgrown, so try to avoid this.

What we liked: 

  • Low noise
  • No emissions
  • Easy to steer
  • 30L catcher
  • Foldable handles for easy storage

What we didn't like: 

  • Run time is 30 min
  • Recharge takes about an hour
  • Not suitable for large lawns
  • 1-year warranty

The Verdict: Best Battery Lawn Mower in Australia

When buying a battery mower, it’s important to find one that suits your needs and budget. If you’ve got a medium-sized garden that needs the power and flexibility of a petrol mower, then the Snapper XD 82V MAX is your machine.

It’s got a whopping 82V battery and StepSense, making it a cinch to move, and a generous 5-year warranty that’ll give you peace of mind. If you can’t afford its premium price, then I’d opt for the Greenworks 19-Inch 40V, which comes close to matching its features.

As for entry-level models, the Giantz Cordless Electric Mower is a great choice. With its wide cutting width, lightweight design, standard 30-minute running time and nifty catcher with rear discharge, you’ve got everything you need to keep your small lawn neat, short and fertilised – and on a shoestring budget.

Want to learn more about lawn mowers? Check out the below guides:


1. How Long Will a Lawnmower Battery Last?

A lithium-ion battery can last up to five years or longer, depending on how often you use it. Typically, it can take up to 2000 charges and discharges before you need to buy a new one. Each mower is different, so check your warranty or product details for further details.

2. How Do I Dispose of the Batteries?

Never throw away lithium-ion batteries. They contain toxic chemicals that can be hazardous or start a fire. Your best option is to drop them off at a battery recycling centre such as Officeworks, Battery World or your local council depot.

3. Are Battery-powered Mowers More Expensive?

It all depends on the model you buy. If it has a wide cutting width, self-propulsion and long running time, it could be more expensive than a petrol mower. But while upfront costs and battery replacements can be high, the running costs are lower than petrol mowers. Based on estimates provided by Canstar Blue, annual running costs for a petrol mower can be up to $29.40, while a cordless battery can be up to $6.44 [4].


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