Botanical Art Display

We are excited to showcase Botanical Art in various forms at this year’s Botanical Bazaar.  From upcycled art pieces, art demonstrating environmental awareness, painted and drawn on paper and canvas plus ceramics and various outdoor art.

Artworks are inspired by nature and many demonstrate how to create your own garden art with household items.

Here are just some of the Botanical Artist and their works coming to Botanical Bazaar

Katie Regan Art

This body of work celebrates the work of our Pollinators.

She has had a fascination specifically with the bee species from a young age and has absolutely loved the process of each piece whenever using them as an artwork subject.

Her works are created using a mixture of watercolour paints and coloured pencils, to which she later adds the highlighting details with a gouache or acrylic paint. It is within these mediums that she feels most free and comfortable with creating and can truly delve into the subject I am focusing on.

She hopes that the viewers of the ‘Pollinator’ series leave the works thinking about ways they can help support these little creatures out in their gardens, as well as grow an appreciation for the work that they do.

Lindy Chandler Art

Lindy Chandler studied at the State College of Victoria and has a Bachelor of Secondary Art/ Craft majoring in printmaking.

Her works are of various forms; collage, watercolour, printmaking and textiles.

Surrounded by a bush oasis which is ever-changing, the explosion of growth after the rain houses her reference for works. The textures and insect life within the perimeters of her backyard and gardens are my inspiration.

Her works are a personal response to the natural environment in an effort to awaken the fragility of nature. They are aimed to stimulate the imagination as well as being a visual reminder of the urgent need to preserve the balance of nature on which surviving depends.

Her passion is printmaking and insects. This body of work is aimed at bringing awareness of our “pollinators” and their crisis. It showcases the importance of entomology and how resilient and precious the insect world is to our world.

POSEIDON’S Music Box by Guy Box

A Solar Powered Kinetic Coral Sculpture. Patterns and connections can be found in nature everywhere we look; the cylindrical motion of life is seen on a large scale in our solar system and in the smallest cycle of growth and rebirth on our planet.

Nowhere is this seen more so than the in coral reef systems and our own Great Barrier Reef. The advancement the industrial revolution has impacted the planet in many ways, as we fight to keep our planet growing, humans need to find a way for life and our construct to grow together.

May this coral themed music box call on Poseidon, god of the sea to come save us all.

Mandy T’s Veggie Hut

Handcrafted and knitted fruit and vegetables! A unique collection lovingly and timelessly created by Mandy. Come and discover your fruity passion!