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Green Inspired Educators

A full day of educational talks, demonstrations and workshops for all ages will be available at the Botanical Bazaar Garden Festival in 2019.

In 2018 we had celebrity gardeners such as Jerry Colbey-Williams, Claire Bickle, Phil Dudman plus a huge variety of horticultural experts and qualified herbalists. All of our speakers for last year’s event are listed below to give you an idea of the caliber of who will be coming in 2019!

Please visit back here in the coming months to see who is coming in 2019 or scroll to the base of our home page HERE and fill in your details to keep updated via our e-newsletter.

Jerry Colbey-Williams

Jerry is best known as a presenter on ‘ABC Gardening Australia’.  He is a regular guest on radio stations all over Queensland, writer for the ‘Gardening Australia’ and ‘The Organic Gardener’ magazines. He was Horticultural Editor of ‘The Organic Gardener‘ magazine for 8 years, and a consultant and writer for the illustrated dictionary of garden plants, ‘Flora’.

Jerry lives and breaths urban small space gardening. He will share with you tips on how you can grow more edible and rare plants within your home garden in a sustainable manner.

Claire Bickle

Horticulturalist, writer, TV and radio presenter, chicken whisperer, teacher and mum of 3, Claire leads a busy but fruitful life!

Hear clear speak about growing and cooking with edible flowers, along with their beauty and health benefits.

Phil Dudman

As Chief Horticulture editor for Gardening Australia Magazine,  host of garden radio talk back and multi-award winning writer and presenter, Phil has all the answers to your gardening questions!

We will be holding a poll on Facebook to find out what you want to hear about from Phil! Stay tuned….

Sandra Nanka, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm

Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm is Australia’s largest online seller of Organic Herb Plants with over 400 organically grown herbs. Sandra & husband Michael have been growing herbs for more than 30 years and have a wealth of knowledge.

Sandra will be teaching ‘Methods of Tincture Making’ in our Medicinal Herb and Health Hut

Patrick Regnault

Patrick is a registered horticulturalist and award winning member of the Australian Institute of Horticultural. He specialises in creating interactive landscape designs for people of all ages and abilities to come together and enjoy.

Patrick will be talking about an integrated approach to inclusive play spaces. This will involve awareness of how both abled bodies and disabled bodies can learn from integrating the senses of touch, hear, smell, see and taste, to become more aware of our surroundings and each other within a landscape design.

Dr Doug English and Bernie Winter

Dr Doug English is a Gold Coast veterinarian with significant experience in the use of turmeric in his clinical practice. Doug has an international profile for his research and understanding of the clinical benefits of turmeric.

Bernie Winter is a turmeric grower from the Gold Coast hinterland and known to grow some of the best turmeric on the planet!

Doug and Bernie will present a talk within the Medicinal Herb and Health Hut about…TURMERIC

Lise Racine, The Herbal Gardener

Lise holds a degree in nursing, has completed a diploma in traditional herbalism, craniosacral therapy and advanced herbalist studies.

She runs a fully certified organic / Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic farm growing a variety of herbs and specialising in. Calendula flowers.

Lisa will hold a demonstration about making ‘Herb Infused Oils and Ointments’ within the Medicinal Herb and Health Hut.

Anne Gibson

Anne is a community educator, author, speaker and garden coach.

Anne will be holding free workshops at Botanical Bazaar where you can learn how to grow an abundant organic edible garden in creative containers and small spaces with easy DIY tutorials & inspiring ideas.

Gold Coast Amateur Beekeepers Society

The Gold Coast Amateur Beekeepers Society will be holding their open day at the Botanical Bazaar in 2018.

Throughout the day various Apiarists will be providing demonstrations and talks about Native Stingless and European Bees.

Talks will be held within the Bee Area at the festival.

Dr Mark Nadir Runkowski, and Keiran Richardt, Natura Pacific

Natura Pacific is committed to ecological consulting, environmental education and to the management and conservation of the natural environment.

Mark and Keiran will be speaking about effective Native plants and gardening such as the best natives for your garden, whether it be for edible bush tucker or to attract selected wildlife.

Hedrick Kwan

Hedrick is an avid and experienced Orchid grower from the land of Orchids, Singapore. Now residing in Queensland, her experience covers a wide range of topics from nursery production, vegetable farming and competitive Chilli eating and growing!

Hendrick’s quirky, fun and energetic personality will be used to entertain the kids within our Tipi Hire Co Kids Hub. Kids will be not only learn about growing vegetables, they can get to eat it and have some fun competitions too!

Gina Winter, Traditional Herbalist at Self Help Retreat

Gina is a certified herbalist who has been practicing herbal medicine in the Wise Woman Tradition for nearly thirty years

She grows many herbs on her farm at Springbrook. Her joy and passion is to reconnect people to forgotten skills by using these home grown herbs as both food and as medicine

She will be giving a demonstration on how to use herbs in your daily life by making Nourishing Herbal Infusions that supply the nourishment your body needs to maintain health.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke, Biochar Industries

Dolph is leader in the industry of holistic and sustainable management. His vast background of growing and manufacturing Biochar and passion for change and understanding is what drives him today.

Dolph is a passionate advocate of Hemp and Biochar, which he produces from hemp and other woody weedy material. Dolph legally grows Industrial Hemp on his farm in northern NSW.

Within the Medicinal Herb and Health Hut, Dolph will be talking about ‘Understanding the Oldest and Newest Herb’.